Near the Middle, but Not Quite There

My entire life, I have always loved to write out my thoughts and feelings. I still have two diaries filled with 3rd grade memories that I read from time to time to get a good laugh. Even recently, I have written pages and pages about the current situation I’m in to help me understand how I’m really feeling and also to help me remember how I felt about certain situations/people when I decide to read my journal in the future, but even though I enjoy writing on the daily, I did not put my dot in the center of my circle for many reasons.

I do not believe I am a talented writer. I also don’t enjoy critiquing others writing because I feel that I am not good at grading. I feel like my words don’t flow how I want them to. I worry that people will absolutely hate what I have to say and they may even mention my lack of writing skills to another person. Why do I care so much? I ask myself that all the time. I’m my own person and the only opinion I should care about is my own, but that’s hard to do in this day and age. People have an easier time putting someone else down than lifting them up. I’m trying to learn to open myself up in the writing world, but it will take some time.

I hate hate hate when I am given a prompt that does not interest me in the slightest way. Why write about something if you have no passion for it? I’m very worried that I will be assigned to write about things I do not care about and that I will not be able to put any personality in to my writing assignment.  The only way to get over this predicament is trying to find interest in a subject that originally doesn’t matter to me.

I hope that throughout this year I can overcome my two obstacles stated above that hold me back from being right in the middle of your circle activity. The only way to obtain this goal is to push past my insecurities and find interest in everything I wrote about not only in this class, but hopefully throughout every assignment I will ever be given. I will learn to be passionate in everything I write about with lots of practice, good coffee, and time to critique my own writing.